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Re: Audi TT testing at Nurburgring (Autoweek mag article)

OK, So what is a TT, or what will it be when it hits the US??

Ralph Poplawsky
'91 200Q

>At 05:12 PM 4/2/98 EST, you wrote:
>>The Audi TT is on the move again.  This week's Autoweek shows what looks
to be
>>a production ready TT doing some testing at Nurburgring.  And boy does it
>>good.  Smoothed out some from the show car, and now with a B pillar and rear
>>side windows, it looks like a winner to me.
>>I am very excited, now that Audi is giving Dan an S4, I figure it will be
>>a matter of time before they call me wanting to know where they can drop
off a
>>free TT to show their appreciation for my many letters of dealer complaints
>>over the past 8 years.
>>Dear Audi of America:  I am looking forward to my free TT, and prefer it in
>>either black or silver with black leather.  Don't forget the CD changer.
>>can deliver it to my Orlando house whenever you wish.
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