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Re: spam and news

Dan Simoes writes:
> - if, instead of email, I were to switch to a news-based service,
> where you point your newsreader at a private server, would
> anyone be unable to access this?  If you can access web pages,
> you can read news, with the right software (including Netscape,
> which is free).   Just a thought - switching to news would cut
> down on bandwidth, make archiving easier, eliminate spam 
> altogether, though support would be harder.


What you're proposing here is changing from "Push" technology to "Pull".
While that's fine for other things, I *prefer* to have Qlist mail
pushed in my lap the way it's done now.  It forces me to read most
messages and keep up with things.  I think this is what keeps the
discussions interactive and interesting.  If transformed to a pull
format, I think I'd just get lazy and fail to keep up, and become
less participatory.  I suspect others will too, and that would ultimately
make the Qlist less interesting.

My 2 cents.

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