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Funny stuff, physics.

Let's take the freezing of water.  The process involves cooling the
water to zero Celcius (one calorie per gram per degree, by definition)
and then actually freezing it - 80 calories per gram for latent heat of
solidification, or whatever you call it.

Thus to freeze a gram of water at 1 degree Celcius, it has to give
up 81 calories.

A gram of water at 91 degrees Celcius has to give up 171 calories.

So if you put two buckets of water side by side in an Alaskan garage -
one at 1 degree and one at 91 degrees - you'd expect the colder bucket
to freeze first.

But what would happen if you threw the buckets out of an aeroplane,
such that they atomised in the airstream.  Is the result the same?

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