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Phils' Laws

Phil writes:
>So if you put two buckets of water side by side in an Alaskan garage -
>one at 1 degree and one at 91 degrees - you'd expect the colder bucket
>to freeze first.
>But what would happen if you threw the buckets out of an aeroplane,
>such that they atomised in the airstream.  Is the result the same?
Er, ah, phil, appreciate your vapor theory.  I might argue that the Torsen
Center issue got lost in the "stream" whilst you visited Alaska.  Stop by
Chicago on the way back.  I'll dump a bucket of spiders in your lap professor.

Now that you've asserted your understanding of physics, how bout visiting the
Torsen paper site at:

Now, I believe you to be saying that Tshift happens, but the chassis dynamics
don't depend OR affect those physical properties.  Is that right?  I'm getting
lost in the lofty discussions.

MB numbers?  You have them, volunteered them, still looking for them.

Scott Justusson