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The repo man...

Yesterday afternoon, as I was walking the three blocks from my house to my
girlfriend's apartment, I watched a tow-truck driver pull out of an
apartment complex with a black '97 Eagle Talon hooked up behind, the two
front wheels just off the ground and held in a cradle.  You're smiling,
aren't you?  I know I was...

About 150' later, as the truck approached the traffic light, there was a
*loud* crunch -- I heard it from 200' away! -- and smoke started puffing up
behind the truck because the rear tires on the car weren't turning.  The guy
turned through the intersection and pulled over to the side of the road,
where I eventually caught up with him as he stood staring at the car...

ME: "You *do* know what happened, don't you?"

Driver: "Not really ... this isn't one of those 4WD cars, is it?"

ME: "Yep ... says so right on the back"

Driver: "F@*kin' SH*T!  This is the second one this month!"

ME: "Umm ... didn't you think to check with the owner first?"

Driver: "No, I'm the repo man ... I just want to hook it up and get it out
of there as quickly as possible.  I don't like getting shot at and the last
person I want to talk with is the owner."

ME: "Didn't you know you were picking up an AWD car?"

Driver: "No, all I have to go by is an address, the plate number and a
description.  I HATE these things!" 

ME: "I understand ... Hey, here's my card.  If the bank wants to sell it
as-is cheaply, have them give me a call."

I left, wondering just who gets stuck with the bill in a case like this ...
what do you want to bet the driver claims this is the way he found the car?
It stands to reason, doesn't it?  The car's towed, the gearbox takes a dump,
the owner doesn't know enough about cars to blame the towing company and is
stunned by the quote for a replacement gearbox and stops making the payments
on the car...

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