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air compressors

Slightly off topic, but since I just bought one...

Home Depot sells a Campbell-Hausfield 5hp, 20gal compressor
which comes with a tool kit - impact wrench, die grinder, and
another tool I can't recall (not a rachet though) for $269.
Seems to be the best deal going.  Remember to check the cfm at
90psi if you will be using air tools.  Harbor Freight also 
seems to have decent prices on tools.

Perhaps we can summarize the procedure for building a brake bleeder
once and for all?  I've seen the metal cap at www.ultimategarage.com,
but a free spare brake fluid reservoir cap beats $30 for a metal
one.  I got a boltin tire valve (Camel) for $1.50 at Pep Boys,
and I think that's all I need - set compressor to 20psi, drain and
refill reservoir with clean fluid, pressurize and bleed.  Right?

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