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RE: lb-dage

No, I would say that 500 Lbs is significant.  My point was that both the
S4 and the 5000TQ/200Q can be considered performance luxury cars.
I would not call either the ur-q or the M3 performance luxury cars, I would
categorize them as 'sports cars' or performance cars and the ur-q also as
a semi-exotic.


>In a message dated 98-04-07 08:25:39 EDT, you write:
>>me:  How bout the S4 at 100lbs less.  Is that a performance or a luxury car?
><< Yes, same as the 5000TQ/200Q: performance luxury car.
 > >>
>So 500# must not be significant to your evaluation?  So urq to 5ktq?  Same
>thing?  More specifically the M3 is 3100# the 5ktq 3350.