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Re: Weight a minute

>>Does 50/50 always equal better performance?  NO.  Just flat out NO.  
>>Yeah, it is a big factor, but come on, weight distribution is only one

>> part of handling.  
Advanced Race Car Suspension Development, by Steve Smith  rev1988

"A car is able to accelerate faster coming off a corner with weight bias
the rear.  For a given amount of acceleration, the cornering force
on the inside tire increases when there is a heavier rear weight bias
specifically to the 740 advantage, "linear and vernier").  Braking
ability is
also enhanced with a rear weight bias The more weight moved to the rear
wheels, the more weight that remains there under heavy braking.  And the
braking is achieved when the cars weight distribution, under maximum
forces is as close to 50/50 as possible."  

Weight distribution is very important to handling and braking
performance. For 
those interested in just how far factory race teams will go to achieve
this, review the
mercedes DTM cars from a few years ago. They had a computer controlled, 
rail mounted, movable mass, installed inside the car. This mass would
move forward 
on accel and move rearward on braking, all so the ideal 50/50 weight
could be achieved under all conditions.
Dave Lawson