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RE: How about a 90 Coupe Quattro?

Now a 4000csq with a 20v turbo would be fun wouldn't it, just ask Alex Neckas.

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Subject:	Re: How about a 90 Coupe Quattro?

> Can anyone give me a comparison of a 90 coupe quattro 20V to my 4kcsq?    Is
> it easy to upgrade the coupe?  Does it handle better?  Any info would be
> appreciated.

4kq: more tossable, easier to work on, slightly cheaper parts.

CQ: feels heavier, but also more comfortable, quieter, safer.
ABS.  20v engine loves to rev.  Plenty fast though folks often
complain.  Upgrades possible but not easy (about the same
as a 4kq).

I made the switch and don't regret it, although a turbo would
be nice :)

| Dan |