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Re: How about the (my) Audi question?

A bad bomb will cause the red rectangular "BRAKE" warning light to flash
once when the brakes are applied.  At first it will only happen when you
apply the brakes quickly.  Later it will flash once just about each time
you push the pedal.  I can share this from personal, current experience
with my 91 200qw.  For other fun, the brake pad thickness warning on the
AutoCheck panel will come on at random times, sometimes when you hit a
sharp ridge in the road, sometimes when you start the car on a hot day,
sometimes just out of the blue when cruising straight and level on a
smooth road.  

Audi.  Not just a car, a cheeky, endearing, somewhat mercurial companion
for ..the road.

Ed Kellock ................... Greenville, SC  USA
91 200qw ........................ 87 Coupe GT

On Wed, 8 Apr 1998 21:51:36 -0600 "Frank Amoroso"
<famoroso@sprintmail.com> writes:
>This is the quattro list, last I checked.
>I should have bashed a Bimmer, maligned a MBZ, or even (gasp) abused 
>Audi, if I wanted to get one measly answer to my question, "Does a bad 
>set off the Brake light on the dash?"
>I don't know about you kids, but I consider myself an Automotive 
>first and foremost. I have drank more than my share of the automotive
>Kool-Aid. The blatt, blatt of a Cobra sidepipe, the almost jet like 
>whine of
>a 911's cooling fan, the in your face performance of a Hennesy Venom, 
>sheer largess of a Diablo engine, the brakes and handling of a M3, the 
>crafted nature of a M5, the 6 on the 540's shift knob, the great view 
>of a
>Testarossa rear fender in the side view mirror, the aggressively 
>front fenders on the 500E as well as the S4, the big fat brakes on the
>911tt, the lines of the new Jag and the new Aston Martin V12 Vantage, 
>I just happen to choose an Audi S4  as my sports sedan. Why? Because 
>tuning potential is huge (not that a BMWs isn't, seen a Dinan catalog
>lately?), I live at 5,500 feet (turbo!!), and it snows on a moments 
>My weekend warrior sports car  would be a 911 turbo cabrio.
>My track car would be a 914-6. (2000 lbs, open top, no A/C, now that 
>is a
>sports car)
>My SUV (and I do offroad here in CO) is a Jeep Grand Cherokee.
>Have fun arguing your M's & Type 44's, but for the love of the gods 
>that is) Does a bad bomb set off the Brake light on the dash?
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>: The why question
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