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Re: What is it

In a message dated 98-04-09 11:43:32 EDT, you write:

<< I do not understand why this is not a fair comparison. What else was
offereed in
 the market for a sporty, semi-luxury mid-small sedan with AWD (please do not
 Subaru). Just because the BMW out performed the 90q they arent in the same
 If I misunderstand, please correct me.
Subjectively, the 325IX, belies more than the objective numbers gave in the
comparo.  The 325IX, IMO, with all it's compromises to Der Technik, was a
better quattro, than THE quattro.  Not fair, IMO, cuz maybe the 5ktq should
have been used.  That's where I compare it.  There the 325IX is smaller, but
still a better handler.  The 90q was outgunned, in every performance
objective.  More than half the time with just the lowly 90fwd.  They are in
the same league by definition, I could argue maybe a whole different ball