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Re: Door trim revised, removal

> Okay it seems that my previous post on removing the door trim did not make
> sense, Funny since I am only working on 5 hours of sleep. 

Sure it did.  Oh, wait, I read it on 5 hours sleep...

> I am removing the door bumper/trim on the outside of the door, I have the
> trim off of the car but there are strips of rubber compound glue, that held
> on the outside door trim, I cannot get this off.

I think Bentley says to use nasty hard sharp tools to scrape it off. 
Actually, a razor blade in a holder like they use to remove windsheild
state inspection stickers.  They say to do it without marring the paint
underneath.  They're on drugs.

Anybody btdt succesfully?  I want to lose that trim before I paint my
car, also.

Huw Powell


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