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Re: Stamps, or is that stomps

In a message dated 98-04-09 13:57:04 EDT, you write:

<< Again I have to add my .02 here.  I know that my '84 Ur-q with its '88MC
motor will keep up with a new M3 to abouts 100MPH, then the M3 has an
advantage.  In the brakeing department I have to say that my car with G60's on
it does show some fade after a couple of "sporting" stops from 80+ MPH.  I
don't know what kind of brake pads are on the car, Have not changed then since
I got the car, but these brakes seem fairly easy to over whelm, and at night
at max braking you can get sparks shooting out of the wheels.  Is it suppose
to do that?
 Jim >>
Er, ah, no Jim, it's not.  Keeping up with an M3 in an 84 Urq in a straight
line is hardly a difficult concept for me.  Take that M3 balanced chassis and
awesome brakes, set up a venue other than a straight line, me argues the M3
has the advantage, a big one.  Start counting seconds of braking while the M3
is on full throttle, add that up over a couple turns, the awd advantage is no
longer valid, btdt.  "Faster" exit speed so noted.