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Stamps, or is that stomps

In message <5ed0331e.352da6e1@aol.com> QSHIPQ writes:

> Er, ah, no Jim, it's not.  Keeping up with an M3 in an 84 Urq in a straight
> line is hardly a difficult concept for me.  Take that M3 balanced chassis and
> awesome brakes, set up a venue other than a straight line, me argues the M3
> has the advantage, a big one.

My experience in this, also, is the exact opposite.  Admittedly my
ur-quattro is a 1988 MB - but the brakes have only minor enhancements.
The M3 I regularly run against is a 1992.  He has _NO_ chance in the
curves - my only hope of keeping up with him is for something to slow
him on the straights.

He's now looking for an ur-quattro, BTW.  And he wants to keep the M3.

 Phil Payne
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