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Re: Weight a minute

In a message dated 98-04-09 16:44:59 EDT, you write:
 >The ONLY place the 90q beat the 325IX was dry lat accel.  R&T 5/88
 Where they on the same tires?  Maybe the BMW had better tires for the 
 conditions.  Did you think about that one?

As delivered, all of them.  Just like the 740 and the A8.  Ante one, ante all.
If the BMW had better tires for conditions, how did both IT AND the 90fwd take
the 90q in all the tests but one?  Straws man, straws.  Coulda woulda shoulda.

 >Higher skid pad numbers do not automatically mean better chassis.  
 >Look at Corvette in mid 80's pulling over .9g's.  Better chassis?
 >Do you even know how you can tell a better chassis?  
 >Torsional stiffness?  Do you have the numbers for that?
Nope, go drive them Pat.  I agree with the above.  Do I know how to tell a
better chassis?  Ask around, I think so, but maybe not.  Don't drive the
comparo from your keyboard, this is silly.  YOU drive the 90q and the 325 and
compare them.  Two different ball games.  Subjectively and objectively.  

> Yet you compare Mazda RX7 to Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR4.
 >Are you for real?
40 grand, what to buy.  A 2500lb race car with door skins so thin they clink?
Or a 3900lb performance car that gives only tenths of a second to the RX7, and
has torque to boot, not high strung horsepower.  Drive them, compare them,
same buyer (and I'll pass on my general opinions of those buyers for now)
 > Maybe, given the recent rwd successes, BMW looks at quattro as too many
 > compromises.  A good decision?  Sure seems to be from every aspect except
 > dashboard trim.  That is a compromise I suppose.
 >>They were not that successful during 1997 season.  Cry babies had to 
>> go and complain to FIA.  Well who's compromising now? >>
Ah yes, the RACING argument.  Well, when you find a race car on the street
that compares, you do post me up.  My posts here ON that very FIA ruling was
6months ahead on the prediction that a) bmw would protest, and b) quattro
would be banned.  Who's compromising?  FIA.  Frankly, I believe, given the
325IX, that Audi would be in a lot of trouble if FIA ruled in Audis favor.
Why?  Cuz BMW builds great chassis, period.  A great chassis with awd, would
hardly be difficult, since all they need is the awd.  The rest of the design
is already in the bag.  Not quite so for Audi right now, wouldn't you say?