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Help, high water

>Why did the engine stall? Don't know yet. That is the reason for this 

could have been anything including driver misstep in a tough situation.  
Why it didn't restart is anybodys guess, though weather sounds like it, 
if cap or wires were older.  I've had it happen in less severe though 
very wet conditions.  Beside physically drying, hair spray (aerosol) 
will make a good (emergency) cap/wire dryer.  Spray liberally wait 30 
seconds and start.

>If there is water in the air filter, I'm not going to try to start it,

water would have to be at headlight level to enter the intake, plus, 
with the sloped bottom of the intake, there could be significant amounts 
of water in the intake sys and you wouldn't see it (still smart not to 
turn it over).  If you have reason to suspect this, pull the plugs etc, 
inspect and wait for drying out.
PS in emergencies, the Audi starter will move the car out of harms way!

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