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Pikes Peak 98'

 I know I know, I said that I wouldn't say anything more about the Pikes
Peak gathering on the list, but....I just want to make sure that everyone
who is interested in coming, is fully aware of what is going on. 

  So, again, if you have any interest in coming out to Colorado for the
76th running of the Pikes Peak hill climb and joining us for the time of
your life, for what has been affectionately dubbed, "Audi Fest 98'", we/I
would love to see you make it out here. 

  We have a totally separate list for the discussion/planning of the event.
To subscribe to said list, send mail to:


 and in the body of your e-mail write: subscribe audifest98

List submissions can then be made to:


Sorry if that sounded like a commercial, but just making sure that everyone
who has ANY interest in coming, knows what's going on.

That's all!

Laters, Ben