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TEXAS Track Event

Update:looks like it going to be the A4 shoot out between V6 & turbos
modified & stock.Plus 4KQs & coupes GTs & quattros.Not sure if I will
be wheeling my UrQ/20v S6/V8 5 speed,but it will be close to being done.

Heres your chance, and what you are asking for a Track Event!

Enjoy a fun filled weekend with excitement and a wealth of knowledge
for drivers & cars of all ages & experience levels.

Two day seminar of High-Performance Driving & Saftey Education
at Texas World Speedway (Collage Station). May 2 & 3 /Sat - Sun.

We have the Track & experienced instructors & hotel rooms reserved.

Need info & how to register contact:
                                 Rick Schwalenberg 972 641-4778 Hm
                                 or Oscar Pineyro 972 247-6608 Wk