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Re: Why do YOU own an Audi?

Hi guys,

After my bother and I got the driving licence, my parents decided to buy a
car for us. At that time (1994, S.F), we ran down to two choices;
#1 was a '87 Volvo 240 DL ($6000) and #2 was an Audi '87 5kcst($4000). 

My dad likes the Volvo more, because that is what he's been driving since
'80(264 GLE) at Hong Kong and he thinks Volvo is much more safer. But,
after we checked out the 5kcst couple days after, without any 
consideration, we paid and drove the car home even though we knew the car
had a slightly wreck before.  

why we bought the Audi? you may ask.

The reason is simple. The 5kcst offered a whole lot more than the 240 DL,
in terms of features, style, and the feel, and still CHEAPER than the 240.
BTW, we didn't know anything about the performance catagory at that time
and we didn't know how powerful the I5 turbo engine is. All we knew is the
5kcst could really fly on the freeway and I remember it was just
running 1.2bar max at that time. 

Of cousre, we didn't know that everythings in an Audi will fails back
then. I remember that we had a week of problem-free driving until we saw
the first drop of pentosin landed on the ground. But, I think this is
mainly due to poor maintenance by those prv. owners. I strongly believe
the story will be different if I was the first owner of the car.   

Since then, the 5kcst became our daily driver and we brought it with us
when we moved from S.F to Indiana. We really had a lot of great time, bad
time(when it broke), and sad time(when pay the parts & repair bills) with
the car.  

I would probably buy another Audi after I graduated from college : ) 

Thank's for the time