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The next step...

On Sat, 11 Apr 1998, Jeffrey J. Goggin wrote:

> found this varies by color -- have you ever noticed that every bodystyle has
> one or two colors that flatter it and a whole handful that don't?) but I

I think thatthis is very true of the 5KCSTQ.   It looks good in the light 
colours like the pearl white, Zermatt silver, adn the light blue because 
the dark beltline tends to lengthen the body visually.   The darket 
colours allow the car to look short and pudgy.   This is one of the few 
cases where I do not prefer the car in black.

> never did -- and still don't -- find the 3rd generation 80/90 to be
> attractive.  I would agree that some later 90s do look nice, especially with
> 17" wheels on them ... shame about the performance, though.  ;^)

I never liked the 80/90 at all until I saw Brendan Rudack's 90Q.   He had 
the Coupe Q front bumper cover on it, and it was lowered down a fair 
bit.   Even with moderate 15x7 wheels, it looked great.

I think that the next step for me with Audi will be either a '91 200TQ or 
an A4 with 2.8 V6.   But, I _will_ install twin turbos, aftermarket EFI 
and a 3" exhaust.   Mitsu or Garrett turbos...  Already got 'em located...  
:-)   A 1.8 4 banger is too small for that kind of car.

Graydon D. Stuckey

"Drive fast, take chances"  -  Brian Vinson
"...and blow the bystanders off the road"  -  John Corbs.