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Re: cheap Audi prices

The other side of the coin: just think what 60 Minutes did to all those
Audi owners that ponied up MSRP for their vehicles. Not to mention that as
the values fell so sharply, many people just decided to take the Audi 'all
the way.'  Dried up a good supply of low and mid-mileage Audis on the
market.  I met a woman one day that had a very nice 5000tq and asked her
how she liked her car...she said, 'its very nice for a car this old.'  She
had bought it new and usually traded between 60-80k, but because the value
was so low, she decided to keep it. Dealer maintained, it had 267k on
it...she said no real problems so far.  I wonder how many Audis became a
part of the family because of 60 minutes?

>Thank you 60 minutes for helping me afford to drive German luxury
>- --
>Huw Powell