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Re: cheap Audi prices

On Mon, 13 Apr 1998 Wendell_Gurley@notes.toyota.com wrote:

> The other side of the coin: just think what 60 Minutes did to all those
> Audi owners that ponied up MSRP for their vehicles. Not to mention that as
> the values fell so sharply, many people just decided to take the Audi 'all
> the way.' 

I hope no one paid MSRP for their cars.

My wife leased an '85 5000S (non-q) for 60 months and 75,000 miles.  The
lease payment was about $300 per month with virtually no cash downstroke,
no acquisition fee, etc.

By the end of the lease we were glad to get rid of it because problems
were popping up like spring dandelions.  We did pay for an extended
warranty which paid for itself when the steering rack and PS pump had to
be replaced at about 60,000 miles.

Wife has never again had an Audi, not because she does not like the cars,
but because of the very shabby treatment she received at the hands of the
service department.  They treated me very well, 'cause I was a guy and
because I had previously purchased 3 Porsches and an Audi Fox from them.
The Service Manager, when he knew my wife was there with her car, took
very good care of her.  It was the Service Writers who treated her
poorly--and the worst was a female service writer.  Go figure.

Bill Murin
89 100q