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Re: Why *I* drive an Audi (no more urQ)

Not sure I can argue with Jeffs opinion...seems pretty simple to me.

The urQ was what...~$35k+ when new in the early 80's (U.S. of course).  Adjust that puppy for inflation, current "supercar" pricing.   How much would you figure it for in today's dollars?  $65k?  $85k?

How many of you say "wow" when you pass a '98 adnoH droccA?  Now consider the NSX?  Now....if you like those things, the Accord V6 is a "nice" car.  AND I'm sure that there are plenty of kids that would dream of owning such a car (and get it to a muffler/wheel/chrome shop as fast as they can).  Lots of people must like 'em as they continue to be everywhere.  But when it comes to instant admiration...nothing comes to the sigh factor faster than the specialty, sports cars...ala NSX, Viper, urQ,  etc...(I use these as they represent a wide status range within a single marque.  Dodge $15k~$65k, Acura $15k~$82k, Audi (1982) $12k ~$38k).

WHY?  (A)  Because these cars represent what many of us cannot afford and (B)  because they are relatively few of them.  Absence makes......

We are enthusiasts and when that '99 S4 hits the streets, WE'LL know its place.  But how many others will even notice the difference?  And I may step on a few toes here, but I don't think that TT/TTs is gonna do it either.  It's a specialty car alright, but its built so many more people will be able to afford it (ala Boxster).  If Audi had just built the bloody Avus (or similar) years ago we wouldn't be having this conversation.  Then we would all be able to sit here and say, gee...I can't wait for that thing to be <$20k in a few years ;-)

Diatribe over...

Derek Daily
90 CQ (gets a little respect)
86 VW qsw ("what a nice looking Subaru"...arghhh!)

>>> Jeffrey J. Goggin <audidudi@mindspring.com> - 4/11/98 8:40 AM >>>
>My point Jeff is that somewhere in the US there are probably a few young
>kids that love Audi's...

Like I said, had it not been for the Ur-Q, I'm not sure
I'd have ever given Audis a second look