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re:Seat R&R

quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk (Phil Payne) wrote:
> In message <199804131640.JAA02088@envy.ugcs.caltech.edu> Alex Rosser writes:
> Zip ties are a drug on the market in my garage - I buy them by the
> hundred.  They'd be MUCH easier to use in reassembly than
> any "hog clip plier" could be, even if it were most conveniently built.
> But - why weren't they used first time around?  Does the upholstery
> industry not know about them?  I can see the great convenience of zip
> ties (which we call cable ties) but is there really going to be another
> 150k of durability?

I have a big bulk package of black zip ties.  I have no idea how old they 
are, but they are all brittle.  As soon as you try to use them, they snap.

I though the black ones were the special "UV resistant" ones.  Based on 
this, I don't think zip ties would last long enough in this application.  
Do I have it backwards, and the white ones are the heavy duty ones?

(I should throw them out, but for some reason I keep them around, only to 
add to my frustration whenever I try to use one!)