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Lucas and Girling<>4k/GT dash cover

Well, thanks to many responses, I am now familiar with the infamous Lucas 

Last night I took the inner box out of the package, and saw that it said 
"Made in Germany", and also had Girling on it.  This is somewhat of a 
relief.  I haven't ever heard anything bad about Girling (but then I'd 
never heard of Lucas, either!).

I was thinking, if my master cylinder was leaking (for example, into the 
booster/servo and causing it to fail), wouldn't I notice that the fluid 
was needing to be topped off, periodically?  I've never had to top off my 
brake fluid to my knowledge, so I'm starting to lean towards just 
replacing the booster and leaving the same MC there.  I could spend the 
money I "save" on tinting the windows.

Oh yeah, I've been meaning to ask you folks this one, but I only remember 
when I'm driving to or from work.  Where can I find a good quality and 
well-fitting dash cover for my Coupe GT/4k?  I once had a really nice one 
for a Toyota truck, that was much nicer than any I'd seen on anyone elses 

I live West of work, so I get to look at my dashboard reflection in the 
morning driving toward the sun, and then again in the evening driving 
toward the sun.  I think a dash cover's time has come.