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Re: Audi USA plans for 1998-2000

At 01:33 PM 4/13/98 -0700, Stephen Pitts wrote:
>the bend. THIS FALL: 1999 Audi S4 1999 Audi 1.8t comes with 180 hp standard >1999 1.8t Avant (avant 1.8t either fall or next spring) Spring 1999: TT >Summer 1999: A6 and A6Avant STANDARD engine becomes the 2.7 >liter twin-turbo at 265hp! 5-speed or tip... I think that he is >mistaken and that it will be the light pressure at 235, but he insists >that this is size=2> correct. Doesn't matter though, as we can

I've seen both of these rumors elsewhere and the sources seemed good.

Do you know what modification was done to the 1.8T to get the extra power? I'm hoping it's just a chip change because then I'm a little less nervous about chipping my '98 A41.8T. On the A4 site they said that only the 180hp engine would only come with the manual tranny. Tiptronics would stay with the 150hp engine.

The rumors I've heard about the A6 were that it would get the light pressure version of the 2.7.

Thanks for the info.

Paul Wilson