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RE: Springs only vs shocks and springs

I just switched to the HR springs, it took me the better part of a day and
it still needs an alignment job. It was done in my friend shop (I did it)
using a lift and complete air tools, still took from 10:00AM till 4:00 PM,
no lunch.....I don't think you will have any problem staying with the
original shocks, but make SURE that you get a NEW set of front strut bearing
and alignment plate (100-125$) a must....
Do not forget to have the car aligned.... if you need more details about the
operation let me know,

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> Subject: Springs only vs shocks and springs
> Here's my problem.  I have a set of H&R lowering springs (only $165
> shipped!) and now that summer's here, I'd like to install them.  I'm not
> sure, however, if they'll work well with my original equipment shocks.
> Any BTDT with a springs only change vs doing the whole thing?  I'd like
> to throw in a set of Konis or Bilstiens or Boges but I don't have the
> cash to spare right now.  Who makes a good set (i.e. all four corners)
> for an 80/90q?
> Mike Stump
> '89 80q