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re: Springs only vs shocks and springs

Mike Stump <tree@triton.net> wrote:
> Here's my problem.  I have a set of H&R lowering springs (only $165
> shipped!) and now that summer's here, I'd like to install them.  I'm not
> sure, however, if they'll work well with my original equipment shocks.
> Any BTDT with a springs only change vs doing the whole thing?  I'd like
> to throw in a set of Konis or Bilstiens or Boges but I don't have the
> cash to spare right now.  Who makes a good set (i.e. all four corners)
> for an 80/90q?


Of course, doing both is better than just springs.  The main thing to 
consider, IMO,  is whether or not you want to take you car apart twice 
instead of once.

I imagine that they will work with your stock shocks, unless your shocks 
are worn.  However, I have heard that if you upgrade to stiffer springs, 
the oscillations with be quicker and shorter than they are now, and you 
shocks will wear out quicker than if it were a slow, longer movement.

Another consideration is that some/most people like to upgrade their cars 
in stages, so they can see the result of each individual mod.

I think every time I made a spring change, it either involved changing at 
least the front struts, or something else major, so I can't really comment 
on that question.

Am I offering anything, or just writing?  I don't know if it helps, but 
BTW, where did you get the springs for $165?

Oh, I can suggest that you replace the strut bearings when you get in 
there.  They're cheap.