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Re: Dent Removal

Al Powell wrote:
> They almost massage the dent out.  On the inside of the ding, they 
> use smooth, spoon-shaped tools; on the outside, they use plastic 
> tools - and on one sharp outward ding, they actually used a tool like 
> a plastic punch to push it back in, then worked it from both sides to 
> make it level.
> I can't even find where one of the repairs was done.  The other can 
> only be spotted because the paint chipped in the original incident.

So, they don't have to soften the paint any?  They just rely on the 
flexibility of the paint to keep it from breaking?

This is very interesting.

What happens if it chips as a result of the repair?  Do they offer any 
kind of "plan B" so to speak (do they guarantee it won't chip, or pay to