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'95 A6 using oil?

I just had to have my oil changed, earlier than expected, because it was
making the "low on oil noise", but no oil light ever cam on.  Check the
dip stick, and the oil leve didn't even register, bad, very bad.
Anyway, had the oil changed on 4/1 and noticed that now, after about 400
miles, that the oil level on the dip stick show right at the max level,
where before it read a little higher than that.  I'm puzzled, because I
don't see the blue smoke, nor are there oil marks on my garage floor.
Dealer told me to keep an eye on it, so I am.

Has anyone experienced this with their 2.8 V6?  How about late model V6
engines?  My car only has 30k miles.  If so, what was the

Luckily I still have about 4 months/6k miles left on the warranty, so
now is the time for something like this to happen if it's going to.

Rusty A. Schlacke
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
'95 A6 quattro (5 speed)