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Re: non-uniform tire wear

Zod wrote:

> I noticed that the wear patterns of the two tires are fairly equal, but
> the amount of wear is quite different between the two sides (the right
> tire is spent, but the left still seems to have some life left in it).

I've noticed the same thing with my 1993 90 through three sets of
tires. It's always the right-front that's more worn, though the wear
is absolutely even, like the left. (The right-rear ends up being more
worn too, since it spends about 1/2 its life on the right-front...)

At one point, I asked a trusted mechanic about the wear. He told me
that this is normal for a front-driver; apparently, _all_ front drivers
wear the right-front more. This same explanation was also offered up
by another unrelated and also trusted mechanic.

Incidentally, I've also notice this pattern on my wife's Golf.

I'm guessing that since, here in the US, we drive on the right that
right-hand turns tend to be tigher. Since the inside tire lifts slightly
in a turn, it's more likely to slip/spin under power as you pull out of the

Just speculation, though...

1993 90CS 64k mi.