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Re:quote for repainting 200, help!

Steve's conclusion that your estimate is about right for a "proper" paint job 
is correct (and I wish Technibody were in Wisconsin...) but be careful.  I have 
no problem in paying several thousand dollars for a paint job prepped and 
completed correctly.  What I do object to is paying several thosand dollars for 
a paint job I could have done better myself.  Way too many painters reference 
the "premium" jobs that a good shop puts out (to justify their pricing) and 
then deliver a Maaco quality job.  Now, Maaco quality is not bad at all for a 
$200 paint job, but not a $4000 one.  So while the price may be reasonable, 
make sure the quality matches and you get what you pay for.

Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI
Soliciting quality paint work at a reasonable price... considering buying my 
own HVLP system.