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Re: quote for repainting 200, help!

On the subject of re-painting: When I restored my 1970 911T Targa back in the
early 80's I did all the dis-assembly and prep work myself. The cost of the
paintwork was (then) $300.00 using metalic German paint (car was silver). Of
course the entire job cost vastly more than that, new trim, weatherstripping,
interior parts, top, etc. but the final result was much nicer than a body shop
would have done for me (as evidenced by Phil's ur-q problems). I look at the
way my 5ktq is put together, lotsa pop rivets, etc. and see this may not be as
easy as the old P-car. But still, given the time and space...may be the way to
go to both save $ and get a better result.

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq