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quote for repainting 200, help!

In message <7c21a69d.353664f3@aol.com> MSV96 writes:

> ... but the final result was much nicer than a body shop
> would have done for me (as evidenced by Phil's ur-q problems).

Perhaps I have not been clear enough.

The body shop part of the work done was _excellent_.  My concerns are
with the mechanical aspects.

I had a conversation with someone at the company today.  Two amusements
occured.  The first concerned the refitting of the broken undertray:

   "Ah, sir, you should have been given a message by the delivery
    driver.  The undertray is discontinued and no longer available
    from Audi."

   "Odd," I replied, "I have a new one here shipped direct from
    Audi's western spares depot in Soest the day before yesterday."

The second concerned the absence of camber on the right front wheel:

   "Ah, well, there are _tolerances_."

   "Yes," I replied, "50 minutes of arc plus or minus thirty minutes.
    Zero is not an option.  Furthermore, it violates Rule 2 which
    states no more than 30 minutes between sides - and the left
    is _exactly_ 50 degrees as set by BR Motorsport."

I've since had a telephone call of a somewhat different nature.

 Phil Payne
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