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S.E. Audis For Sale

Hi y'all:

Two cars at the opposite ends of the spectrum...

Spotted in the Atlanta GA edition of the Auto Trader -

1983 Audi Turbo Quattro Coupe, 4 WD, collectable, absolutely terrific
condition, cost new $37,000, asking $5500 obo. Serious inquiries only,
please. (803) 757-5470
(803 is South Carolina, is this the person who posted earlier about not
being able to sell his Q?)

And for those of you who may have a smashed 4KCSQ looking for a donor body,
I drove this one yesterday:

1987 4000 CS Q with 115k miles
Black with tan *leather* interior
Extremely straight body, good paint w/one quarter sized scratch, interior
in good condition (no tears in driver seat) shifter knob missing (oh darn),
drivers side window held up w/duct tape. Rusty and perforated muffler.
Leaking valve cover gasket and hyd. hoses.

Car would not start, when jumped off, there was a nice chorus from the
knocking rods till oil pressure built, accompanied by a blast of blue smoke
which dissappated quickly.  Lifters happily clacking away.  Drove it around
the block, felt solid, clutch okay, shifted smoothly, stalled and would not
start when we returned - battery really dead.  Asking $1995 (hahaha),
salesman took me seriously when I offered a thousand but I walked out -
dinner getting cold and I started remembering what a PITA it was to do an
eng. swap - before he could talk to sales mgr. (Osman, I left my home
number and asked him to call, but he never did...)

Might make a good car with an engine transplant. Car is located at Westfork
Motors in Lithia Springs, GA, about 25 miles west of Atlanta.  Said they
were going to take it to the auction soon so if you are interested, call
'em at (770) 739-0181.  

I have no interest in the car, your mileage may vary, eat your vegetables,
blah blah blah.

-Steve Jensen
Currently Q-less (but now pausing to look in Frank Martin's general