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FS: 1988 Audi 90q - $3,500

I'm selling one of my quattros.....four is too many!  My wife was driving
this car, got tired of shifting a manual transmission so she talked me into
(?!) buying her a A4 1.8tq auto, so I need to sell this car.  Any interest
e-mail me......thanks!.........SLM

For Sale: 1988 Audi 90 quattro (USA model)
143,xxx miles
Very nice overall condition
Pictures/description available at http://www.stationwagon.com/audi_90q
Located in Washington, D.C USA metropolitan area

2.3 litre 5-cylinder engine; 130hp
5-speed manual transmission
Quattro all-wheel-drive

Exterior - dark gray; almost black color (no dents/damage; some faded
spots, stone chips at leading edge of hood)
Interior - tan leather (excellent condition)
Power windows
Power locks
Electric sunroof

Well-maintained; Mobil-1 oil changes every 2500 miles, many new parts. 
I've owned the car since July '93 when it had 72k miles.

All stock except brakes:
- Cool Carbon brake pads
- Cross-drilled rotors
- Braided hoses

What does it need?  Well, new tires (Yokohama AVS U+4's are worn).  Front
suspension and shock/struts are original, so it's time to replace stuff.
Cruise control is erratic.

Price $3,500.
If interested e-mail me at stephenm@ix.netcom.com

Steve Manning:  stephenm@ix.netcom.com
...Physical home: Metro D.C. area, USA
.....Virtual home:  http://www.stationwagon.com