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Getting married? Take note. Was(4kq clutch slave replacement)

If you are thinking of getting married, note this, go figure and get the
rules set out early.
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From: j g shepard <chawk@juno.com>

>My wife loved  the new house so much I had to give in
>even though it had no garage 8(. WE almost bought the dream garage (24 x
>36 w/2 stories) with a house included but my persuasive powers were not
>good enough to convincce her of the importance of a nice garage )).

BT almost DT. Thanks to my ex-wife we turned down a house with a partially
equipped workshop (Post ramp, 3ph power, workable space for two BIG cars) in
favour of one with a 8 x 23 garage. Ok, its long enough but there's not
sufficient clearance to fully open one of the doors on the Urq.

Jim Haseltine