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Re: 4ksq Tires and Suspension Questions


>     Hi all.  Just wanted to know what the best tire size is for an 85 4ksq.
> 195 60 R14's  or 205 55/60's.  Will the 205's rub in the well at all?  I
> bought the car w/ 175 70's on the car- the wrong size!

Nope. This is the stock 4kq "all season" tire size (check the decal
inside your gas-filler flap). These were typically mounted on 5.5x14
wheels. The 195-60-14 goes on the 16-spoke 6x14 Ronal alloys (stock in
USA on quattros and FWD). 205-55-14 generally also physically fits,
depending on manufacturer and--of course--YMMV.

> Will handling increase greatly with wider/lower tires?

Yup. Unless you buy some Kellys or similar junk.

> Would any handling difference between th 205's and the 195's be noticable?

Dunno. My 205-55s cost twice as much as the 195-60s, so I can't say.

>     Also, the car seems to have too much body roll as compared to other
> stock q's I have driven.  Could this be the tires or worn sway bar bushings
> or both?

Try the tires first.

'87 4kq, 175-70-14 Hakka 10 on 5.5x14 steel (snow), 195-60-14 D60A2 on
Ronal (rain/dry), 205-55-15 BFG R1 on Ronal (sweaty palms)
'86 4ks Pirellis