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Re: 4ksq Tires and Suspension Questions

> I knew about this kind of, but doesnt the wider contact patch of the 
> wider tire allow for better cornering, and not just the braking and 
> acceleration?
> Its all about hte shape, right?

I still have to do some research in this field so the opinion below 
is only speculation. 

I have a feeling that sidewall has a lot to do with cornering 
abilities of the tire with the same compound but different width.
It's not only the shape but also the stiffness of the sidewall.
Stiffer sidewall usualy makes the tire responde to steering imputs a 
lot better.  The shape of the sidewall will depend on the load and 
the stiffness of it.  Under cornering the stiff sidewall will not 
help the tire sit "square" to the surface when the rim is not 
(it has to be compasated in alignment).  Soft sidewall will allow 
the tire to sit "square" to the surface even though the rim might not be.  
There is a lot of compromise in the sidewall design.  Very stiff
sidewall will also make the tire very hard over the bumps.  It will 
not play a part of absorbing the shock making the ride very harshe.  


Martin Pajak

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