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FS: 1985 Coupe GT, 4000, 4kQ parts, lots of them

Hey, i am just about done dissambling my old coupe as im preparing as 
little of it as possible to go to the charity im donating it to.  anyway, 
if there is anything that you guys want, outside of the wheels, main part 
of the engine, and transmission, just lemme know....

For example, some stuff that i have:

Infinity Reference series speakers, front and rear--100 bucks for all 4 
(these are pretty unused)
ECU--50 bucks
CIS Meter thing, the whole thing that goes on top of the air box--best 
offer, dont know what its worth
The intake boot--umm...40?
ISV in working order, never had a problem with it...15
A bunch of the switches from the dash, actually, all of them.  They all 
work too, including headlight switch---ask
All relays--not sure, depends on the relay, probably 2-5 dollars for 
most, except for the fuel pump relay, which i will keep unless i have a 
good offer
The whole fuse holder panel--15?
Windshield wiper motor--40?
Cruise control vacuum pump--20
Shift Boot--15
Most of the dash--???
The various caps and stuff from the bottles, like the coolant cap, cap 
from the brake reservoir, that kind of stuff---varies
Steering wheel most likely--5 bucks...free to Steve Buchholz if he still 
wants it
little trim pieces and such---?
Passenger side Mirror(power)--15
interior mirror--5
If i can get them off of the car, headlights--50 bucks
Tail lamp lenses-40 for both?
Fuba Antenna--30-40?
Rear floor mats, original with rings on them, REAR--20 for both

These prices im really not sure of, it depends on what the prices are for 
the new parts...
And the condition of the part that you want.  Most should be in pretty 
good condition.  The car had about 165k on it when it died...None of the 
body panels are worth saving...I wil probably keep the front callipers 
unless someone makes a good offer....

If there is anything else that you can think of that i havent listed, 
lemme know...

Also, if any of my prices seem high, i just dont know what they are 
worth, but i think that most of that is reasonable...dont you?


Michael Sheridan Williams

My new one: 1985 4000 S Quattro
175,000+ miles, and going like a new car
Well, went like a new car.....right into a guard rail :o(