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noisy creaking urethane A-arm bushings?

Has anyone out there with urethane (are they the same as Delrin?) control
arm bushings noticed them making lots of noise, basically creaking and

My car sounds like the front end of falling apart, but everything seems
to be tight.  I got an alignment yesterday, and we took the sway bar
completely out because we thought it was the cause, but it's still there.

Today, it seems to be getting worse and worse.  I was thinking my motor
mounts were completely shot and about to let my motor fall to the ground,
but just now I checked it and it seems okay.  I was pretty much convinced
it was the motor mounts until I shook the motor and stuff.  The car makes
a whole lot of noise with up and down movement tho.  It even makes the
noise just driving alot, especially but not only on bumps.

The thing is, with the car jacked up, everything is totally solid.  I'm
thinking that since I replaced the struts and strut bearings, and it
lifted the front end up about an inch, that maybe the urethane bushings
are in a different range of motion, which has perhaps worsened the
creaking problem.

Any experience out there with noisy, noisy bushings?



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