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Recall UA

On Sun, 19 Apr 1998, Brett Dikeman wrote:

> Dealer refused to own up to it(or even tow it home.)  Months later they

Typical dealer...

> Why you don't buy American cars!  European/Japanese cars have their
> problems, but they're not usually this dangerous:
> -Ford: ignition switch caused instant fires in car starting in dashboard;
> very random(ie, car's sitting in driveway, next thing there's smoke+fire.)
> -Caddy: above mentioned engine fires
> -Side mounted gas tanks (remember that whole bit? :)
> -The Ford Pinto.  'Nuff said.
> -Dodge caravans: rear hatch popping off during normal driving and in
> accidents, in addition to flawed rear seat design

And don't forget the Audi unintended acceleration thing.

My point is that first of all you can't believe anything you read in the 
press.  Secondly, the problems that you cite are not necessarily as bad 
as you think, and possibly no worse than the supposed UA suit.   Seems to 
me there have been folks on this list that have experienced UA due to 
faulty ISV operation.   You need to be careful to be fair to all makes.

In general I agree that foreign design engineering is superior in 
someways to domestic, but that isn't always the case.  Often you only 
need to recognize the intended audience to understand American design.

Graydon D. Stuckey

"Drive fast, take chances"  -  Brian Vinson
"...and blow the bystanders off the road"  -  John Corbs.