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91 200TQ FS

>>>	The car is at Lakes Region VW/Audi in Laconia, NH, 603 524-4717.

For those that might be considering this car, I *just* bought my 1991 200tq
from them in January. Good people.

I saw it listed on traderonline, called them for the details. I flew over in
an airplane to Laconia, they picked me up at the airport in the car and I
got to drive it.

I came armed with Kelley and Edmund's suggested retail, and we worked from
there based on its condition (very good, minor wheel arch rust and some
minor trim). I noticed minimal brake vibration that they pointed out BEFORE
I drove it (I didn't know about UFOs then) and it had studded tires on it.
They worked with me on the price (asking $13,900, sold for $11,400) based on
condition (they VOLUNTEERED the replacement cost of the brakes) and they
replaced the timing belt and water pump as part of the deal (100,500 miles,
no proof of ever being changed) and put the previous owner's good-condition
"summer tires" on it. Even more to their credibility, on the trip home to CT
it puked the hydraulic pump, and they sent me a check for the replacement

I was impressed with their honesty and willingness to make me a satisfied
customer. In return I'm singing their praises on the Internet.

I'm drawing a blank, but I believe the salesman I worked with was named Phil
J. I also worked with the sales manager, "Bob" maybe, but they were both
good to work with.

Greg Amy
Milford, CT