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RE: No more oil on Air Filter !!!

If the clamp is the one that holds the "horn" shaped air inlet, it should
not affect it,

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> Subject: No more oil on Air Filter !!!
> Well I have been doing my general repair & snooping around on my 87 5KQ.
> As reported on 3/1/98 when I took off my air filter (after much
> pain) it was
> soaked with oil.
> Now today I decided to peak again & to my surprise... no oil !!!  Now the
> only thing I did was change oil & filter (used Castrol GTX 20-50w). I also
> reported adding Excel oil fortifier.  The Excel must have freed up the oil
> rings & stopped the blow by.  I had it do that in an old Chev. truck that
> always had oil in the filter compartment.  We treated the engine
> with Excel
> & the air filter housing was dry...
> I also found the large hose clamp loose that fits the Air Cleaner
> Housing &
> the Air Duct assembly.
> Would this being loose effect the running & if so, what?
> Many thanks,
> Bob