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Help 4kq engine repl.

You all helped me get my 86 4kq out of the flood waters here in Ohio, a
little more than a week ago. Now I have a damage report and some options.
All 5 rods are bent, and a used engine is on the way.Told the mechanic to
put in a new clutch, timing belt and water pump while the replacement
engine was on his shopfloor, and to change the brushes in the alternator
when he switch mine to the replacement. Starter was toast, and used one is
going in.

Any ideas about what to do other than the above? We checked engine mounts
and they are OK. Mentioned subframe bushings prior to reassembly. Coolant
hoses will get checked also.Trying to think of all the other stuff that
runs up labor costs that could be done now and be included in the cost of
switching engines.

That's the reason for this post. Many of you have BTDT.

So share that experience _now_ and help me get this done better than I
could do it myself. P-mail or post to the list if you think anybody else
would benefit. The car is up on a hoist and the engine is out, and the
replacement will go in sometime this week. TIA.

Doyt Echelberger
86 4kcsq 
87 5kcstq