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<All> Head bolt torque tips

Hey, group, I was just cleaning up some papers last weekend and found 
an engine building booklet printed by Hot Rod magazine.  It had a 
couple of tips related to head bolt torquing (an occasional subject 
of discussion here) which seemed worth relaying.  Here they are:

1)  When torquing head bolts, always use a washer under the bolt, 
even on cast iron heads.  Also, put a drop or two of oil between the 
washer and the bolt head.  This lessens friction and ensures a more 
accurate reading from the wrench.

2)  AFter torquing all the head bolts, let them sit for an hour or 
so, then back each bolt off about 1/4 turn, and re-torque.  If you 
mark each bolt relative to the head, you will find the bolts turn 
farther the second time it's tightened to the same torque spec.  This 
evidently "overcomes the breakaway torque" required to reach
the final torque setting the first time.

The floor is open for discussion......

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