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Re: polyurethane finish on zebrano wood

How about getting a nice piece of attractive wood and hand carving
replacements for all the interior wood.  In other words, do it with real
wood that will have an chance of surviving ham-handed repair efforts.

Remember my Daddy's advice:  "Don't force it, Son.  Get a bigger hammer."
This strikes me as that sort of suggestion.  :-)

At 08:24 AM 4/21/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Hairy green toads from Mars made Robert Myers say:
>> This would not be on my list of suggested modifications.  The zebrano wood
>> is *almost* 1/2 mm thick under all that polyurethane.  It is also extremely
>> brittle.  (Don't ask.)
>Yup. Almost all of mine is gone in the 100Q.
>Any thoughts on what to cover the fiberglass with once the wood is
>gone? I was thinking some carbon fiber strips from Auto Palace or
>something like it. And BTDT?
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