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re: testing for alcohol in gas


>Mention should be made that the gasoline + colored-water should be
>_shaken_ vigorously for a few seconds to extract the alcohol; then allowed
>to separate back into the two layers that are measured.

But definitely.  You are assuming that the distribution coefficient is
*much* in favor of the alcohol in water rather than the alcohol in
gasoline.  This is probably a valid assumption.  However, there will always
remain a residual amount of alcohol on the gasoline phase.  This residual
amount will probably be pretty small but it's there.  You also assume that
the volumes of the alcohol and water are additive.  This is not true.
However, for the precision of the suggested test it is close enough for
state work.

>Now, how 'bout a simple backyard test for octane #?

Not much help here.  AFAIK, they ain't no sech test.  Not simple and cheap
and backyard doable anyway.

>Better Living Through Chemistry (right, Bob M.?) :)

Nah, Phil.  Nowadays that's the motto of some of out "backyard chemists"
who manufacture some products of rather dubious societal value.  :-)  And
their customer base.  :-(

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