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Re: a new noise

Stefan H. Malter wrote:
> hi everyone
 i began to
> hear a metallic rattle from the front right region on cold starts which gets progressively louder on acceleration and which diminishes after a few minutes 
> Stefan Malter
Your engine type is very prone to shearing the exhaust manifold threaded
studs, caused by the warping (thousands of an inch) of the manifold.
Indications are a loud "ticking" sound when engine is cold and under
power. After a few minutes it quiets down. Not dangerous but requires
eventual repair. Upon removal typically 3 or 4 studs are found sheared,
or they shear during removal.
I am not sure this is your problem...it sounds like it, but you need to
check...retightening manifold bolts not advisable.....
Good luck !