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RE: Locking Brakes on Quattros?

> I picked up that pulling e-brake turns can damage the quattro drive train.
... is that right?  I don't think so.  By definition, every time you are
running in anything other than a straight line, each of the four wheels
covers a different distance!  I doubt that there are too many quattros
driven in only a straight line!  Differentials are meant to make up the
differences in rotation rates between the two sides ... I suppose that when
there is a difference in relative speeds the gears inside the differential
move relative to each other, but in my mind this should only be a good
thing.  If there was no differential motion at all I would imagine that you
could get wear only on parts of the gears, while motion should cause fairly
even wear ...

> If that is true, I assume that having less than all four wheels lock at
> the
> excact same moment will cause the same type of damage? It's not like I
> ever
> lock 'em up on purpose but I'd like to know if anything bad(besides tire
> damage) is happening when they do lock.
Certainly for the short relative period that you would have the wheels
locked as compared to the total amount of time that they are running at
similar speeds I can't possibly imagine any damage at all being done ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

With an '87 5kCSQ into which someone installed a tranny from a non-turbo ...
given the 4.11:1 front FDR and the 3.89:1 rear FDR ... that center diff is
working all the time!  No apparent problems (with the tranny that is!)